How Big Is a Twin Bed?


Your bed should be a comforting and a welcome retreat when you go to sleep, and this means it needs to be the perfect size for you. Bed size is hence one of the major factors to consider when choosing a bed. You have probably heard about the term twin bed, but do you know how big it is? According to study statistics by the National Sleep Foundation, about twenty-five percent of couples do not sleep on the same bed. A twin bed is perfect for people who share a room but not a bed. Here is an exclusive look at how big is a twin bed.

Twin Bed Size

twin bed size

Twin bed is also commonly referred to as single is the smallest of the adult size beds.  The beds are narrow hence the perfect choice for the small bedrooms such as multi-use guest and children rooms, children who have outgrown the toddler bed or single adults. The dimensions for a twin bed is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. It leaves adequate space for the child to play with his or her toys and pets. Twin beds are best for teenagers and children but can also provide sufficient space for an average sized adult to sleep with comfy.

Laying two twin size beds side by side makes approximately the same size as a king size bed. Some couples use this tactic to experience king size comfort. A twin bed will fit well to any room measuring not lesser than eight feet by ten feet. For a room to fit two twin beds, it’s size should be more than 10 inches by 10 inches.

Twin Extra Long Beds

Twin extra long beds are longer than the standard twin bed. These make them ideal for taller teenagers who require the adult bed length but no extra width. The dimensions of Twin XL beds are 39 inches by 80 inches giving them the same length as a queen or king size bed. They are five inches longer than the standard twin beds, and this makes them be used commonly in college dorms. Twin extra-long beds are perfect for tall adults who have less space for a wide bed. You can also spare some room to sleep with your pet if it likes resting on the bed. For your room to have sufficient space for other furniture and your twin XL bed, the bedroom should be more than 8 feet by 10 feet in size.

Can Two Twin Extra Long Mattresses Be Used on A King Size Frame?

Yes, the dimensions of two twin XL mattresses equals the dimensions of a king size mattress. For two partners who have different firmness or feel mattress preferences, joining two twin extra-long mattresses may be a perfect option. More so, sleepers who like adjustable frames can use two twin XL mattresses to lie back or sit up without disturbing their partners. The combination can be perfect for about three children’s who have outgrown the twin size bed but still share the same bedroom.

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Twin Size Mattresses and Sheets

Twin size sheets and mattresses are the smallest and cheapest. They come in all patterns and styles. Twin size mattresses have dimensions of 38 inches by 75 inches and are specially made for people who want to save space or individual sleepers who are not active at night. There are also smaller twin mattresses known as short twin size mattresses. They have dimensions of 34-inch width by 75-inch length. This will leave 1-inch width and 5-inch length more space in your room. These mattresses are ideal for campers and motorhomes.

When buying fitted sheets for your twin size or twin extra long bed, you need to be careful with the dimensions. A standard twin sheet should be 66 inches wide and 96 inches long. For a twin XL sheet, its dimensions should be 81 inches wide by 96 inches long to fit the extra coordinating long bed. This is vital as tucking in a too long sheet or stretching a sheet that is too short may leave you to sheet less during the night. In case you choose to use two twin extra-long mattresses on a king frame bed, you can select a set of twin XL beddings or one king size sheet set.


A twin-size bed is the smallest standard bed from the toddler bed. Though twin-size bed will not give you the extra space for movements, it is undoubtedly efficient when it comes to sleeping or resting your back. Some manufacturers often change the dimensions of what is commonly referred to as standard twin or twin extra-long bed. Always ensure that you know the exact dimensions of the bed you have bought before going to shop for beddings. Some of the standard-fitted bedding sheets may fail to fit correctly.


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