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Babywearing Institute -  we offer more than education! We are a community of parents who love and cherish babies, motherhood, fatherhood, toddlers, children, teenagers, families. We are committed to teaching safest humanly possible babywearing only! Best practice at all times. We want every baby to be as safe as our own. We are the only community teaching safest practice because we love children. We teach more than babywearing! Give us a call or visit our forum with any questions you might have. We love to hear from other parents with a passion for keeping babies as safe as humanly possible. 

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New Babywearing Safely and Securily  -75 illustrated pages downloadable e-book by Babywearing Institute founder Beate Frome  covers in-depth safe babywearing practices in all carriers

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If you have a babywearing Question check out our new  forums  and get help from Certified Babywearing Instructors

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Are you a babywearing ?

If so, then you will benefit from our babywearing classes! 

We teach all aspects of babywearing for instructors and retailers. We work closely with professionals around the globe, the most well known Dr. Kirkilionis. We bring the latest research from Germany to benefit you in your work and will always be on the cutting edge of babywearing sound and safe! 

We cover a variety of topics ranging from role playing  how to do babywearing consultations focused on choosing the proper babycarrier for the individual client, to working with special needs children, to business startup basics.  Our wearing focus is on optimal baby positioning.  While we teach a lot of wrapping from beginning to advanced European wrapping tricks, we also cover hands-on the major baby carriers on the market.   Manufacturers have  benefited from our instruction by furthering their education in babywearing which translates into better carrier designs, instructions, and pictures.  Our instruction is based on the more abundant European babywearing research and education as well as the  USA  knowledge base.

We offer classes 4 times a year in Logan Utah to certify babywearing educators.

Come learn from the best.  We are the 1st and only  babywearing school in North America.  We are often imitated but never surpassed with our continual research and improvement.  

Our graduates teach classes for parents and do babywearing consultations throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.  Some of our graduates take the teaching instructor class and teach our courses close to their location. Regardless of where you take the classes, you will get the best babywearing education anywhere around the globe! 

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 The Babywearing Institute works independently, hence you will learn a lot about all different carriers. Most of all you will learn what makes a good carrier, proper leg, hip, and back support for the little ones and how to stay healthy as babywearer. With the correct background information you will be able to help all parents desiring to wear their babies in a healthy and safe way.

Just out - new safety guideline from the CPSC.

Some of the key points are that babies under 4 month need to be supported well and monitored. Wrapped tight upright is the safest place for baby! More on babywearing safety - please visit Babywearing-Safety

Check our response to the CPSC warning under the press link.