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Classes being offered  

We will offer an intensive workshop  for beginner and advanced babywearers to become certified babywearing educators.  purchase Utah  classes through our webstore.

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As the first and leading babywearing school in North America, we are always on the cutting edge of research and new studies leading to a better understanding of safe and sound babywearing.  Guarantee: You will learn new and interesting babywearing concepts or your tuition money back.  (except $50.00 registration fee)                              Referrals from past student available on request.  instructors

 Classes schedule

 Check back, there are several more locations and classes in the planning stages. With questions, please email us. 

If you have a group of 8-10 people in other locations, please contact us, we can have a teacher come to you. Join our professional group of knowledgeable certified babywearing educators. 


For exact dates, if not given, please contact the teacher. 


 Babywearing Retreat!!  Had a wonderful time learning during the 2015 retreat. Next Retreat in 2017 Sacramento, California! Mark your calendars already, you don't want to miss it.


California, Sacramento (Roseville)  

Contact Kristi for details and payment email  




 * Students may take the beginning only but must take the beginning at some point before taking the advanced class.  Students will get a certificate that they have attended after the beginning and also after the advanced but must pass the test to be certified


 LONG DISTANCE CERTIFICATION means that the exam is a take home exam, you do not need to travel back to Utah or any other location in order to get tested. We do not offer long distance classes via the Internet. The subject material is too much hands on to try to do it without touching. 


Classes start at 9 AM and end at 6:30PM (times may vary by location) with a 1 hour lunch break.  Please be aware that you can take the beginner and advanced classes during this intense program! 


 Shuttle service

Location and Lodging

 Our material is based on years of research in Europe and we only teach safe babywearing. You will only receive professional information and will learn how to relate this information to

Beginner class

 We cover everything from parent clinger to the healthy spine/hip development, pelvic floor stresses, of babywearing.   We discuss aspect of babywearing for baby's psychological, emotional, and physical development and more. You will  learn about good communication with parents and children and how to match the proper carrier with the wearer for babywearing success.

This class will help you in setting up your business and explore different business types.

We'll have lots of baby carrier experience and wrap tying ways.  We have all of the major types of carriers to learn how to use as well as most of the major brands

 Advanced Class

This is a class to help you be well rounded in all aspects of babywearing. You'll be learning how to help parents with children who have special needs along with important information on advanced communication. Helping parents with multiples or babywearing while pregnant or even nursing while babywearing will become natural after taking this class. You will learn how to match parents with a good color of carrier along with exercises to help new mothers wear their baby without hurting themselves.

Lots of baby carrier experience and wrap tying experience

 Class tuition  includes an extensive printed student manual.  Snacks and bottled water are also included.