BabyWearing Institute

comments of past students

"I was unsure of why I needed this course, but once we started, I was on informational overload. I'm having to re-think all I've ever thought! Love how laid back!!  P.N.

"Love the comprehensive booklet and the workbook style instruction. Wish booklet had citations of all the studies quoted by instructors during the course so we could easily refer to this (like studies on hip dysplasia, etc.)" A.S.

"Excellent clearly presented with supporting documentation. Very comprehensive."  R.P.


"It was fabulous to have all types of carriers, good, bad and different types to try on. It was refreshing to know the amount of research and time put into the course was so well documented, yet all the instructors were open minded to questions, opinions and ideas." S.H. 


"Followup from the feb. session-really enjoyed the course & group energy.  Looking forward to the retreat."  Sheri G class: aug 10

"Very supportive and informative with great info. Thank you so much for caring about this class Beate." Tanja, M class: Aug 10

"Was very helpful.  A lot of my questions were Answered.  I feel much more confident in my ability to teach baby wearing."   Smantha S.  class: Aug 10

"I think it is fabulous you are building a network of educated babywearing consultants!  that the group is supported by you and that you are dedicated to continuing.  I look forward to many years of great times together"  Joanna M. New York  class: Feb 10

"It was Awesome!"  Bianca F. New York   class: Feb 10

"Really enjoyed the course, learned several tips/tricks that will really help me both in teaching and with my own wearing."  Sheri G.  Idaho  class Feb 10

" Thank you! This makes all the difference. I am excited to have better knowledge to educate parents, and to devote more time to educating about the proper way to support the baby's development, especially children with special needs." Rebecca 

 "Very happy with the knowledge and techniques we learned, thank you!"  Karen T.  Delaware

 "I am so inspired by ClauWi's work and philosophy. I learned so much and am excited to go home and put what I have learned into practice. Kurt and Beate - thank you for organizing this!" Arie  Editor note: ClauWi worked in conjunction with the Babywearing Institute and the work came from both sources. Just hard to tell when ClauWi's notes stopped and the Babywearing Institute added more as the organizer was also the translator. 

 "Very helpful to have someone so well read & so experienced with wrapping."  Susan G, North Carolina  class: 8/09

 "Thank you for teaching these skills that will be so useful for me and for those I will be teaching in the future.   I am so glad I came! This has been very worthwhile."  Allison S. Utah, class: 8/09

  "The information was presented clear and not overwhelming. B was very good at explaining all the material"   Angela O,  MA,  class: 04/09