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Q:    I have been carrying both my children in wraps for a few years now and might consider skipping the "beginner" courses if this is an option?

A:    The instructions are geared towards teaching us how to teach others how to wear their babies safely. We will be learning how to get someone started with the best basic understanding and know how to be able to wrap correctly every time. We will also learn how to interact with new parents to empower them rather than telling them what to do. It is the whole basic concept that we need to know in the beginner class in order to move to the advanced.

 Q: Can I bring my 13 month old nursing baby?

A:     We stated on the site that small children are welcome. What small is, is up to your interpretation. Some children would do fine with another caretaker at an early age, others wouldn't. You alone know the emotional makeup of your child and if your child can handle being in class with you all day. I assume most of us participating will be parents and will completely understand the needs of children. I am sure there will be many to lend a helping hand for those with children.  If you feel it better to arrange for another adult to be at the class to help take care of your child, you are welcome to do so. You know your child best and will be able to make the decision that will be best for you, your child, and the other class members. The teachers as well have children and are not disturbed by children but rather understand and support taking care of the needs of children. 


Q: Are there grocery stores, restaurants, fast food places around?

A: You bet there are. You have a couple of grocery stores, several restaurants and fast food places within walking distance. There is also a 7/11 next door for quick snacks or coffee.


Q:  What if I am not really into wrapping but like babywearing with other carriers?

A:  While we probably spend the most time on wrapping (you may be into wrapping when you leave). You came to the right place. We have lots of different carriers and teach how to use them so the natural development of the baby is supported.


Q:   I am scared to advise babywearing with all the safety issues in the news

A:    The media really made people scared to wear their babies without having proper education on the topic. You will learn how to explain babywearing and most of all, how to do it safely.

Q: Is there ever a time you revoke a certificate? 

A: Unfortunately we do have to revoke certificates at times. Keeping babies safe at all times when worn is our priority and mission. If a certified educator goes against best practice in teaching things that are not proven to be safe, we will need to revoke the license. A registered nurse would be terminated for consistently going against doctors orders. Even if the patients do not die, putting them in a dangerous situation would call for the termination of a certification. Teaching anything but safest practice is putting baby at risk. We are known and pride ourselves in the highest and safest standard possible. Because we are not governed by manufacturer, we can call what is safe, safe and what isn't dangerous or unsafe. We are not afraid to offend one of our friends on the board by calling a product unsafe or less than optimal or giving age recommendations as unfortunately is the case in other organizations. Graduates of the Babywearing Institute are held responsible to the higher standard. 

 Q: I heard rumors of others they call highly respected people in the babywearing world having been terminated by you? 

A: I think at this point anybody who has been in the babywearing world for more than a couple of years is a highly respected member of the babywearing world. When you become a certified member of the Babywearing Institute you sign a contract to uphold the high standard of the Babywearing Institute along with agreeing to work under the Babywearing Institute. Should someone choose to go against the contract, there might be legal action taken and of course the person would loose their certificate. This should not be a surprise for anybody in violation of the contract but often those are the ones drumming up support without telling the true reason for a certificate being revoked. If you have any questions regarding certificates being revoked and the reasons why, please contact us directly and get the truth. Unfortunately chat groups don't always tell it how it is but rather support whoever is in violation and drums up support. We are always happy to answer questions or concerns. We love babies and love the education we provide and we love the educators we work with. The Babywearing Institute is more than education, we are a community of parents educating on safest humanly possible babywearing. We provide a network of support.  It shows and you will feel it once you get to know us. You will find out for yourself.